Stone(d)is an IRL/URL project by Metaleptic and Miracle about the multiple mysterious corellations between stones and stonedness.

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Stoned 0.1

Short presentation:

Stoned 0.1 is a pop-up online exhibition curated by Metaleptic and the Miracle Collective. It will be available from December 31st, making it the last exhibition of 2020. It will take place on Mozilla Hubs, a web-based platform enabling users to create 3D spaces and embed/combine/associate photographs, sound files, videos, and 3D objects. Since Hubs enables multi-user interaction, performances will be organized inside the exhibition.

The exhibition is made of of several rooms (”hubs”) containing combinations of individual artworks. All the rooms in the exhibition are interconnected as indicated on the map.


Stoned 0.1

Room 0 : Lobby

Thomas Perino : Une Collection de Cailloux



Wassim Halal : Ataba

Random pitch shifter pedal


Room 1 : Polyzonated Shoal

Shu Isaka

Architectures are stranding on the shoal. Sharp waves are surging from the sky. Detritus sublimated from ocean trench are imbuing the air.

3D models( Edo Tokyo museum, Spomenik, Ale-Alef, Bed-Bud)


Room 1.1 : Dolphin Wisdom

Zsuzsanna Kreif, Counting Dolphins 1 2 3

Time travels and returns if you are patient enough

Dolphin, stardust, H2O


Room 1.2 : Hajjajaj

Balazs Turai: The Legend of Hajjajaj

Scenes from a mystical mystery cartoon.

1920x1080 pixel digital 2D animation


Room 1.3 : The Endless Run

Katalin Anna Lovrity: The Endless Run

If you want to run wild and free, but you are not able to move this is your thing.


2017 (Excerpt from Volcano Island)

Room 1.4 : Stoned Scan

Taichi Moriyama: 白洞 /stoned scan

Minimalistic gallery for Tracing pictures of the surface of physical stones


Room 2 : Fondue de Fonds d’Écrans

Julie Goergen : Fondue de Fonds d’Écrans (non lubrique de droit)

Cheesy hd desktop wallpapers gathered during recent walks in addition an original slideshow (for domestic use only): “Hard Times call for Soft Scrotum Scrutiny” -Fictional Computers displaying real images


Julie Goergen on Vimeo

Room 2.1 : Libraries

Benjamin Efrati: Libraries Burn Slowly

Short film (HD)


Room 2.2 : Ataba

Wassim Halal: Bernard Kochari

Synthesizers, self-made digital bagpipe

Digital collage 2020

Room 2.3 : Ftari

Aoi Tagami & Nao Nishihara : ストレートのヘンカキュ〜

Venue: Ftarri in Suidobashi/Tokyo

Aoi Tagami: Voice Nao Nishihara: Stringed, wind, electronic, and percussion instruments automatic and manual……

2020 Dec 30

Room 2.4 : Stunned

Metaleptic: Portal portals


Room 3 : Neon Nights

Joan Ayrton: Sio2



Carin Klonowski: TLCD + Relax Good Breathe

TLCD (or Therapy Liquid Crystal Display): a massage and relaxation session on a screen, an hallucinating dive into its layers : from the dark and glossy surface to the dephts of the liquid crystals.

Video-performance (headphones recommended) 2018-2019

Relax Good Breathe: A loop of one frame of red, one frame of green, one frame of blue, might fix dead pixels on a screen - to rest your eyes, you can breathe in, breathe out, and gaze at screen textures slightly emerging, then fading. Video & slideshow


Room 3.1 : Stone

Yann Van der Cruyssen: Stone

Screenshots from an unreleased game 4x 640x480 4-color pixels


Room 3.2 : Show (Gnozo, the)

GNoZo : Clé USB Hantée + Show (Gnozo, the)



Room 3.3 : Wetness

Mario Amehou: Timbuktu inc + Digitées

Texts (English + French)


Room 3.4 : Stoned Square

Hebraic Fantasy : Avinou

Traditional synthesizer tune


Room 4 : Strummed

Mario Amehou : Are You Experienced?