Stone(d)is an IRL/URL project by Metaleptic and Miracle about the multiple mysterious corellations between stones and stonedness.

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Stoned 0.2 : The Intersection of the Universes

Archaeological evidence of cyber-shamanistic beliefs of a New Pangea in the surroundings of contemporary urban areas

Unlike Stoned 0.1, the online exhibition presented here as Stoned 0.2 is not a collective exhibition. Still exploiting the First Person Explorer format, it contains a presentation for a project which has been in the making for the last 2 years.

The Intersection of the Universes is a collaborative multimedia project imagined by French performer and multimedia artist Benjamin Efrati and Japanese film-maker and artist Shu Isaka. The project will be developed through a transdisciplinary research. A series of artworks will be created from the results of the research, which will be activated in a series of filmed performances.

Stoned 0.2

In its final form, the project will contain an interactive digital artwork inspired by video game culture, as well as a fictitious documentary and a series of sculptural artifacts. The installation resulting from this process will be augmented by a set of pedagogical tools (books, pamphlets, exhibition catalogs, etc… The viewers will be invited to immerse themselves into a new hybrid mythology, based on actual ethnologically recorded beliefs and customs blurring the border between academic science, art and poetry.

The purpose of The intersection of universes is to study the historical changes caused by contemporary technological development. By imagining some of the possible future developments and materialising them into an exhibition, the goal is to create a new form of science fiction, where shamanic cults meet high-tech practices.

A 3D presentation of the project is currently on view on Mozilla Hubs until june 2021.

Stoned 0.2